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Bradford Animation Festival 2010

I attended the Bradford Animation Festival 2010 not too long ago and as ever it was pretty amazing, all the various types and styles of animation meeting together in one spot and while I’ve been on this course I always look forward to this event.

While there so much animation I couldn’t give a full review or this will be a heraculean task! XD All the animation I watched was amazing, even though sometime I didn’t get it.

This year the museum had more event and venues furthering the experience, especially the historical game experience nearby the entrance of the museum,  during the festival the museum itself had a theme “The 3D Revolution” which was composed of a venue at the history of TV room, a stand at the History of video games section and a selection of 3D films at the IMAX at the museum. One of which I went to during my birthday, “Legend of the Guardians” which was a lot better than I thought it would and the 3D IMAX really improved the experience. Of course, this meant I had to reshuffle a few things to see everything but I just about managed it.

The main meat of the festival is of course the festival competition, the selections for the competition were good this year though I was a little concerned that several had death has a theme or perhaps I’m over analysing?

So my 3 favourite competition animations this year were

  • Pixels – Mostly because I’m a gamer at heart but the integration of animation and live action was very good and the video was very entertaining, (It ultimately won the Short, Shorts award)
  • Rubika –  This CGI animation had a very fun idea, what if the world was a rubik cube? The narrative of the story kept me enthralled during this short and was funny, I also liked the style it was done in.
  •  Big Bang, Big Boom – The story of evolution, with a twist! The main thing I liked about this was the scale of the style it was done in, paintings covering bridge and buildings alike which created a very artistic flow of movement.
I was honestly disappointed in which animation won overall, Love and Theft, I’m not entirely sure why but even though my fellow students enjoyed I didn’t. The animation was very good, the style was perfect for the film and it was very smooth…yet…I just didn’t like it for some reason, it appeared to be a surreal mess to me. It might just be down to taste this time.
The winner of the audience award was very deserving, The little boy and the beast” it was very heartwarming and funny but the relavation at the end made it even better. I voted for this to win the audience award with good reason. The style was suitable and everything fitted the narrative, I would greatly enjoy an expanded film based on this short.
There was a good number of lectures at the event, my favourite of which was Paul Mendoza from Pixar. He showed us behind the scenes of “Up” and went though the pipeline of Pixar and what they had to do to create the film. Very enjoyable.
There were a number of feature films shown such as “Jason and the Argonauts” with it classical animation effects to the modern classic “The Secret of Kells” with it great unique narrative.
BAF2010 was a great experience and I would love to go again next year.
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Creative Futures 2011

From the 7th-10th of March the  “Creative Futures” event was held at Glyndwr University.  There a was a fair amount of lessons to be learned from a range of topics from Animation to Business. I felt that this event had a greater effect than last year’s event due to it being more relevant to more people in the Art School. Sadly during this period I had very little sleep to working on two other projects, one of which is due to be finished very soon which detracted from what was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Day 1 – 7th of March

The first morning of the event started up with a two-part talk with the whole art school beginning with an Opening Address followed by a Key Note by Barry Purves “Passions and a Passport”, for the most part I felt it was largely show reel of  his past and current work (sadly plagued by technical problems) however it was very interesting to learn what inspired him to become an animator, especially the puppet scene of “The Sound of Music” and the action of plays from his original inspiration to become an actor, which I feel that is a very important aspect of animation, especially when it comes human and animal animation. The animations are drawn actors on a drawn stage with you as the scriptwriter and director.

Next I attended Harriet Buckley’s seminar on the life of a professional animator. This was an extremely rewarding session as I gleaned various tips on presenting myself to studios and what studios are actually looking for such as:

  • Able to work as a team
  • Able to communicate in a team
  • Able to compromise with the team
  • And of course, since it’s animation, a time-consuming field, patience would be good too.
  • Oh, and work as a team 😉

The last session was held by the same person and was equally rewarding, this time it was “Showreels, portfolio and CVs” and thus was an extension of the previous one however this covered the broader aspects of the art world such as those in the title, mostly it was stuff I already knew but she covered more aspects of the topic and I felt it was extremely helpful.

Day 2 – 8th of March

To be honest I didn’t particularly enjoy this day, I had to go into town to the opticians during the time of the session I was looking forward to, however there was some highlights during the day.

The first one I attended and the one enjoyed the most that day was “Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels” by Paul Gravett, for the most part he just showed his work (a common but somewhat interesting problem at Creative Futures) however his work showed levels of inspiration that I was inspired by. In particular his non-linear comic strip was a very interesting view on thinking outside the box.

Then I had “Working Class Hero, Middle Class W**ker” by Dave Barraclough which was primarily his life story and how he got into the business as a Graphic Designer. This session gave an in-depth insight into how the Graphics Industry works from the perspective of a single worker and was very interesting. He also taught lessons on how to apply to the industry aimed at Graphic Designers and Illustrators though some tips apply to other arts as well.

Missing the opportunity to attend Linda McCarthy’s lecture on Tiny Elephants. I next attend Glyndwr’s marketing department’s session on Social Media. I feel that I chose incorrectly at this point as I sadly learnt nothing from this session as it covered nothing that most people knew already and paled in comparison to last year’s session on the subject.

Day 3 – 9th of March

Sleep problems lead me into oversleeping the first session and the half of the next, by the time I had arrived at Glyndwr it was lunch time…I fairly annoyed at myself this as I was looking forward to “Getting into Film and TV” and “Professional Development: Diversity”. On the plus side I was able to further enjoy the next two I had lined up.

“Computer Games – Concept Art and illustration in the entertainment industry” by Lee Carter wasn’t very tuned to the field of Animation, but since I’m very interested in the games industry I attended regardless. It was very helpful on outlining the pipeline of the industry and how it has changed in respect to freelancers. Furthermore, it underlined the importance of reference, a lesson I took to heart a few years ago.

Reference makes everything easier, EVERYTHING

Finally, there was a session on motivation by Denise Chilton which I don’t really feel I learned anything I didn’t know already which was fairly disappointing but it was interested to hear a different viewpoint on the matter.

Day 4 – 10th of March

I must admit that I skipped the first session of this day due to none of them being of any interest or relevance and thus slept another hour to help improve the experience of the remaining three sessions.

I attended “Creative IP” by Nia Roberts primarily under ulterior motives, learning how to help the “PW Musical productions” group to gain a license, however it became more helpful to myself and cleared many confusions I had about British Copyright Law.

After lunch I went to “Daytime and Free -time design” by Neil Johnson, the subject being VERY RELEVANT to me and the cause of my sleep in balance and I attended the session on how to balance the two in my life. Unfortunately, it was mostly a showing of work from him but it contained handy tips via interpreting his actions and what happened to during his work.

For the last session of the event I attended the session on Post Graduate Study Options, since I’m interested in post-graduate study I felt this would help a lot and it did. My confidence in applying to Masters was boosted by this session.

Overall, I felt this event was a majour improvement over last years event and given the opportunity to attend 2012’s event I would do, looking to see if Glyndwr improve on this one.

(Which seems likely with the new Art building opening giving new options soon)

Hey there, this blog is for posting any journals, artwork, shenanigans and other things related to me and my work.

Over the next few days and weeks I’ll be posting various artwork and musings from events I have visited.

To begin with I’ll start with the most recent.

Turnabout Musical – ANIMAZMENT 2011

Last weekend I flew over to Raleigh in North Carolina, America to help promote Turnabout Musical.

Turnabout Musical is an animated musical made by fans of the video game series: “Ace Attorney”. The musical is an adaptation of the events in the first game. “Phoenix Wright”. My role is in the art team, I handle the video editing, mixing, rendering and many other post-production roles. This also includes the actual animation in a “key frame” method.

Turnabout Musical

The logo of “Turnabout Musical”

So because of my important role to the project I decided to fly out to America once more (The first time was for Turnabout Musical’s event at ICON 30 in Long Island, New York) and attend to answer questions about the animation. Also in the panel there was a skit and a showing of an updated version of “August Day”. Both the first scene and song in the musical.

August Day – As shown at Animazment

The panel in progress, Kristin “Maxwells Deamon” Bebber, is talking about the art process.

The panel was 90 minutes long and started off with a funny skit involving the characters of the game with the actors in both in the personalities of the role they represented and themselves. After that we started to talk about the development of the musical’s artwork and music and then showed “August Day”, the audience really loved it so far, then we started taking questions from the audience.

They asked many questions, some about the music, some about the legal side of thing and one directed at the leading members of the art team, including me.

I covered the questions about post-production. I feel that I handled it nicely. Near the end, we started a competition to win one of six of the newly produced Highlights CD’s that, pending legal issues, are not out yet to the public.

CD art of the musical’s “Highlight’s CD”

After 6 lucky people won the CD’s the panel came to an end, it was very enjoyable for both us and the audience, none of which walked out during the event except for those with earlier engagements at other panel starting near when we finished.

All in all, it was great experience, and I feel that it really helped to expose the project,  I hope we’ll be able to go to another convention soon!

(and of course, that I’ll be able to go to it)

A video of the full panel will be uploaded as soon as I’m able to do so!

Posts coming up soon:

  • Glyndwr University – Greece Project (as soon as I upload the video to show it)
  • Turnabout Musical – ICON 30
  • Turnabout Musical – In-depth
  • Glyndwr University – Creative Futures 2011
  • Bradford Animation Festival 2010
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Some housecleaning…

I have a bit of backlog of draft posts I’ll be posting so if they’re out of date bear with me….

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Hmm…how to start?

So…hi there and all. I’m Kucan and I’ve been requested to start this blog for Uni.

This blog is for publishing work and on comment on the various parts of my course and other experiences.

Though depending on how this all goes I may expand this into a more full time thing.

So yeah, nothing much now, but there will be something next time…soon..ish.